A Course of the Future


A Course of the Future, by Hans Brooymans
1,4 mHz @ San Bernardino & 920 µHz @ Sant'Ilario d'Enza
A Course of the Future, by Hans Brooymans
50 aHz @ Reggio Emilia & 80 mHz @ Parma
A Course of the Future, by Hans Brooymans
550 µHz @ Parma & 328 mHz @ San Tomaso
A Course of the Future, by Hans Brooymans
2 µHz @ Ponte Taro & 210 µHz @ Reggio Emilia
A Course of the Future, by Hans Brooymans
71 nHz @ Guastalla & 205 µHz @ Reggio Emilia
A Course of the Future, by Hans Brooymans
3 mHz @ Medesano & 29 nHz @ Guittone d'Arezzo
A Course of the Future, by Hans Brooymans
34 nHz @ Guastalla & 14 mHz @ Parma
Around 2010, I stumbled upon an ID photo in the grass, during a road trip, next to a bridge crossing the Taro river in Italy. It showed the face of a dark-haired, young woman. No document, no name, only a portrait. How did the photo end up there? What had happened? Questions like these came to mind right away and made me theorize about its past. But, as I realised soon, the most intriguing questions are the ones referring to its future. What has all happened because of the leaving-behind of this picture? Things for which it was a requirement that someone lose the photo? Which decisions were taken, which journeys were made, which events took place on this timeline, directly or indirectly related to this picture? Everyday life has its dreams, turns, moments of glory and a zillion more qualities. Determining the effect of a past event is a complicated task. Nevertheless I have tried, by returning several times to the area in the decade after the find, capturing the resonance in the area. Juxtaposing images helps in musing about the contribution of the loss to the scenes as they present themselves.
The images are titled with their most likely frequency of change in hertz to indicate how fast the scene will change (and produce a possible new timeline), and their location. All diptychs show images with a big gap between their respectives frequencies.


Di tutti

Fuori è di tutti. Ma poi in realtà non è così e ci sono le proprietà, i confini, i muri, i cancelli. Le strade un poco continuano a sembrarci di chiunque ci voglia passare, e allora proviamo a farle e rifarle e finisce che sentiamo che quella è proprio la nostra via, senza che per questo non possa essere di qualcun altro.
Quando tutto sarà di tutti non sarà per questo meno mio.

Of all

Outside belongs to everyone. But then in reality it is not so and there are the properties, the borders, the walls, the gates. The roads still seem a little to be of anyone who wants to go through them, and so we try to do them and redo them and it ends up that we feel that this is our way, without being able to belong to someone else. 
When everything belongs to everyone, it will never be mine.

Silvia La Ferrara